Monday, July 21, 2014

Ever Time I Post

At Firstmoms Forum I get some action on my face view page. Although, I haven't posted anything since last year. Promising, I would post more frequently. Guess the time has slipped by being busy and all.

Wish I could think of more to post but I think I am done when it comes to adoption. There are those that read because they have lost a baby. Then there are those that read to defend adoption. To be fair there are those that post after adopting touting how horrible adoption is and justify they are different. They want their child to know...but do they really. I would venture to say no...and just saying that does not make it so. When the child they raised wants to search out comes the "feelings" poor me. After, all those that haven't been adopted and adopted have no clue. They just "feel" hurt and sad.

Well, if you ever lost a baby at birth to adoption you would feel those feelings plus a whole other myriad of feelings. I really think EVERY person should give one baby up for adoption.
Even those who only have one child lets not leave anyone out from experiencing this life time of loss.
Those that think its so great would actually have a clue to what they are talking about and adoption wouldn't exist because they would understand it isn't an experience anyone should have to go through in their lifetime. Babies, need their moms and vice versa but for some reason adopted babies are less important to the average American. As long as it isn't their baby no problem. Somebody else's will be fine. Who cares? Not them. And of course if you are the one that is getting a baby..

As I age I think less of the human race for this horrendous, inhumane act. Thought up by man to make another woman feel like she is mother. Taking another woman's baby at birth is criminal in my mind. It is an act that only an unloving, uncaring, ruthless, person could do to another person. Any, woman that takes a baby from another should be sure that baby is an actual orphan with no mother.
Of course this would never happen because these very same women want a baby of "their" own. To pretend they gave birth to at the same hospital at the same moment as its mother did. I can remember seeing those faux facts on my son's amended birth certificate. Lies, lies, and more make another woman whole and tearing apart the mother's life along with her baby's life.

 I am ashamed at being put in that position for the mere act of getting pregnant. How many women have done that before marriage? How many forced marriages have come about because of a pregnancy? I would venture to say more that those that are conceived after marriage. How many babies have had to lose their families because a judging, society deems them not a family.
How many marriages split up after the baby is born? What type of society thinks saving face is better than keeping a family intact? By intact I mean mother and baby together even without the father being in the picture.

Oh,  yeah, there are always those who say I don't want to support a mother and baby. These idiots are supporting adoption through the vast amount of exemptions people get from exemptions for adopting.
Why should my tax money be used to do that? I can tell you why because our government has lobbyists that lobby and pay legislatures off for passing laws that hurt people that have been adopted.
Legislatures, have also taken advantage of closed record laws allowing records to be sealed in some cases for as long as the people that have been affected the most can't pay off these.

 I want family together and I have lived a life without my son so I can tell you its unhealthy, unnatural, and cruel.

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